Sustainability Report

All the companies of the Esseco Group actively commit to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations in 2015. For this reason, a sustainability approach that integrates various environmental, social, and governance concerns into business activities has been formulated, following two main action strategies:

  1. Offer products and services to the market that promote a responsible, ethical, inclusive transition with reduced environmental impact.
  2. Manage aspects related to the life of people, the quality of the environment, and the corporate governance system in the conduct of business activities, in line with international best practices, serving as a reference point for the various stakeholders involved.

In its first Sustainability Report, Esseco outlines the many corporate and product certifications obtained, as well as the various research and development activities initiated to ensure safety and innovation throughout the production chain. Significant attention is also given to the local area, with support for local sports, cultural, and community organizations.

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Attention to the Environment: a priority for Esseco

Esseco has always been committed to a good use of available resources through continuous technical updating aiming to minimise wasting and ensure compliance with environmental requirements; more in general, it is safe to say that the company places a high importance on what is now known as “Environmentally Sustainable Development”.
Some of the most interesting examples of this inclination are related to the energy field, with the company recovering the heat generated during the production chemical processes to produce electricity in excess of the actual amount needed by the site.

Certification of the company management system for the environment
Furthermore, in January 2014 Esseco has obtained the environmental certification of its Management System according to the standard of UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, this is an important achievement that further confirms the company’s commitment to protect and improve the environment.



EC regulation 1907/2006/EC requires that chemical substances be registered between the end of 2010 and mid 2018 based on the annual tonnage to be considered, with prior pre-registration by 01/12/2008.

As this procedure can only be carried out by producers and importers, Esseco s.r.l. has proceeded to pre-register all products that are either made by Esseco or have been imported from non-EU countries and were not registered by the importer itself and is now in the process of completing registration in line with the timescale set out in the above-mentioned regulation. As an exception to the above, food additives do not require registration under the above regulation.

As for finished products purchased by Esseco from third-party suppliers based in EU countries, we are liaising with said suppliers to ensure that they complete the registration process, so as not to create any disturbances on our customers’ markets.

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