Since the 1990s, when agronomists began to consider sulphur an essential element in crop nutrition, Esseco has immediately taken the need of agricultural sector by introducing thiosulfates as new fertilizers.

The first has been ammonium thiosulphate solution (SECOFIT TS), ideal to incorporate water soluble sulphur to fluid formulations. Moreover, when SECOFIT TS is added to nitrogen solutions (as UAN, or urea-ammonium nitrate solutions), it increases the efficiency of nitrogen uptake of crops, by reducing gaseous losses of ammonia and leaching of nitrates.

Then it has come its twin, potassium thiosulphate solution (SECOFIT K), high analysis potassium & sulphur fertiliser; it is an excellent source of potassium virtually chloride free for sensitive crops. It can be applied with different water irrigation systems, without plugging drip lines.

For granular fertilization, Esseco has developed a fertilizer with a high content of elemental sulphur (Sferosol). Its composition containing clay, allows the granule, once applied to the ground, to swell and disintegrate, releasing sulphur in the form of sulphate over time. This allows to reduce the nutrient losses in the environment and to obtain a gradual nutrition of the crops.