Since the 1990s, when agronomists began to consider sulphur an essential element in crop nutrition, Esseco has immediately taken the need of agricultural sector by introducing new fertilizers.

The first products to be launched were based on thiosulphate solutions, ideal for incorporating water soluble sulphur into liquid fertilizer formulations

Today the flagship product is the potassium thiosulphate solution (THIOFERT K), high analysis potassium & sulphur fertiliser; virtually chloride free for sensitive crops. It can be applied with different water irrigation systems, without plugging drip lines.

As far as solid fertilizers are concerned, Esseco has developed a series of granular fertilisers with a high sulphur content (such as SFEROSOL, which contains clay, allows the granule, once applied to the ground, to swell and gradually disintegrate, releasing sulphur in the form of sulphate over time) and powder ones (SULFUR V99, V98 and NUTRI 80, which due to the fine size of the particles ensure gradual sulphate nutrition of the crops).

In addition to sulphur fertilisation, Esseco has a line of pesticides against powdery mildew for both wet (SULPHUR WP 80 ZOLFINDUSTRIA) and dry (GROUND SULPHUR 96 and 99) applications.