San Martino di Trecate (Novara) and San Pietro in Cariano (Verona), March 18th 2024

Esseco S.r.l, holder of European patent EP 2694637 on the application of potassium polyaspartate for the tartaric stabilisation of wines, and Enologica Vason S.p.A are pleased to announce that they have defined a common approach to the production and marketing of oenological stabilisers.

The two companies have in fact defined their respective primary objectives and strategic positioning, whereby, on the one hand, the Vason Group will henceforth further focus its activity on its lines of physical treatments for tartaric stabilisation and, on the other, Esseco will prefer to use oenological products (those based precisely on potassium polyaspartate) for the same application.

As of today, by mutual agreement with Enologica Vason, the production and placing on the market of these products will therefore take place solely through Esseco Group companies.

Esseco would like to take this opportunity to thank Enologica Vason for its important contribution over the years to the diffusion and use of potassium polyaspartate in oenology.